About us
Where it began:

Evolve Muscle first began when myself (Drew) decided to create an Instagram page dedicated to the gym and my journey throughout. I felt that I had gotten out of shape and decided to create my own motivation by showing my journey. From here the page grew and decided to invite my friend Tom into Evolve Muscle so both our journeys could be followed (Plus he was bigger than me so it gave me extra motivation to beat him, and I’m still working on that bit don’t worry). 

From here the development carried on thus allowing us to reach a larger audience and to eventually create and distribute our own clothing brand which we believe to be a necessity for any gym goer, be it cardio based, bodybuilding or anything in-between.

Evolve Muscle grew from a simple Instagram page to motivate myself to a brand used to help instruct support and motivate others during their journey also.

What is Evolve Muscle:

Evolve Muscle is not just a fitness clothing brand, but a fitness lifestyle brand, a way of life. We want to provide the Evolve Muscle community with everything that they need to achieve their personal fitness goals by including training plans, nutritional plans, informative videos, personal training, all to coincide with providing the best clothing in the industry. We want everyone to join us in achieving greatness, and we will provide all the tools necessary to make that possible. Achieve Greatness.


What does the future hold?:

Evolve Muscle aims to continue to help and inspire those who require it, we aim to continue to grow and develop the brand as well as developing our clothing range and aim to be one of if not the largest fitness brands within the UK.

About Us


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Evesham, Worcester

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