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February 22, 2018

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Bringing Tom on board

March 14, 2017


Bringing Tom on with EvolveMuscle.


After several month i realised that the Instagram page started to do rather well. At that point i had only been posting pictures of myself doing simple workouts and my progress pictures, i knew that for it to be taken to the next level i would have to up my game and further develop what was being posted.


I would like to say that it was extremely planned out, taking numerous people into consideration and having long discussions about what we should do and where to take it.


However the truth is slightly less elegant.


Me and Tom have been mates since we were kids, going to all the same schools and hanging around with one another while growing up.

Furthermore Tom happened to have very extensive knowledge of the Gym, exercise and nutrition, as well as being an avid gym goer who may have been a slight bit bigger than me.


The conversation occurred after a big night out in Worcester. The following morning we were rather hungover, chilling in the kitchen and i mentioned that i had been growing a gym page and wondered if he wanted to get involved and help develop it. 

Thankfully he said yes, and since then we have been doing what we can to grow and improve our ideas. I mean, I'm sure thats the way all the great partnerships start in business.


The main aspect that i have always relished wherever i have worked has been the fact that i have worked with my friends. enjoying your work is the main thing, for me anyway. If you struggle to get up for work in the morning, or dread the thought of it, it really isn't for you. Why do something that you are unhappy doing!?


Working with one of my best mates, i cant complain.






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