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February 22, 2018

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Why I started EvolveMuscle

March 14, 2017



Why did i start EvolveMuscle? and where did it all come from?


Right, well here goes!


Il start with why i decided to make the EvolveMuscle Instagram page. 


About 2 years a go i broke up with my girlfriend at the time (queue the sympathy aha), so technically this is entirely down to that relationship and what came of it. Thinking about it, its rather strange that iv never thought about it before.


Back to the point; it was a great relationship at the time (don't worry wont get all soppy) but for several reasons we decided to break it off, we both knew that it wasn't working and there was no point in forcing it. We held our hands up and finally admitted it to ourselves.


As with a lot of relationships after a while you do get complacent, and stop looking after your self to the degree which you did. While we were together we spent all the time we could with one another. This involved lounging around, going out for meals, getting takeaways, all the really good stuff you like to do while your in a relationship as you have nothing else on your mind.


It was once it came to an end I took a look at myself and i realised that i had let myself go slightly, I'm not going to say massively but i had put on a bit of podge and i just was unhappy with how i looked. This was the catalyst for starting EvolveMuscle.

The issue i found was finding the motivation and the drive to go the gym and work out

At that point i decided to generate my own motivation, and making a social media account in the public eye would drive me to really go for it!


I started off EvolveMuscle to document my gym journey, keep track of what i was doing and to offer support, help and motivation to anyone else who was in my situation at the time. As that is half the battle, a lot of people get caught up with comparing themselves to others and trying to force whats not there.

The only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself.


EvolveMuscle came from wanting to motivate myself and get back in shape, thats it. Thankfully the idea grew from there and i managed to develop something that i really cared about.


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