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February 22, 2018

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How to Get Big Arms Fast! | Tips to Build Massive Arms | Secrets Revealed...

October 26, 2017


The goal of many of us when we first start going to the gym is to build those huge arms that all the girls find 'sexy'. This was definitely one of my first goals in the gym was to build up my arms. They are the one thing that are always on show and are almost the barometer for others as to whether you go to the gym or not! It's an obsession of many gym goers so I thought I'd post this up for those looking for answers on really How to Get Big Arms Fast!


Focus on Compound Movements... 


I'm going to start with the biggest

mistake people make when training to build big arms. That is that they focus on isolation movements instead of compound movements. Most people when looking to build their arms just do loads of bicep curls (isolation) and expect this to give them those massive arms they crave. However, when you isolate the biceps you aren't working a very large muscle at all, so the actual amount of muscle fibres being worked is very limited, hence limiting muscle growth. You will also struggle to lift as much weight with isolation movements.


It is much better then to actually base your workout around compound movements instead, like pull ups and rows. These movements will work the biceps as well as the much bigger muscle groups of the back, stimulating more muscle fibres therefore more muscle growth. This opens up your muscle building potential. Then once you have done compound movements you can do some isolation movements to finish them off. This is a much superior for your long term gains in your arms! I discuss this further in my blog post on Training Splits.


Don't Forget About Your Triceps!...


A lot of people make the common

mistake when looking to build big arms to focus purely on the biceps. Yes, this will cause your biceps to grow, but your triceps actually take up more space on your arms than your biceps do! For this reason it is imperative that you spend just as much time, if not more on your triceps than on your biceps.


I know that my arms my triceps are very dominant, but like most people I never used to really work them as I would focus too much on the biceps. It wasn't until I realised that fact and started dedicating more time to the triceps that my arms really started to bulge and grow! So add in plenty of tricep work to your routine, especially compound movements like tricep dips!


Make Sure You're Eating Enough!...