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February 22, 2018

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Most Effective Training Split to Build Muscle for Natural Lifters? | How to Build Muscle Fast

September 26, 2017


A hotly discussed topic on YouTube fitness channels and all over the web always is, ‘What’s the Most Effective Training Split to Build Muscle as a natural lifter’. Rightly so really as it is an important thing to consider, when and which body parts you will hit on which specific days throughout the week is something that does need to be planned out. 


There are many different variations of training splits. There’s the standard ‘Bro Split’ of Chest one day, then Back, then Shoulders, then Legs then Arms. Then there are Push and Pull splits, Upper body/ Lower body have become popular too and so forth. During this blog I will discuss each of them in further detail highlighting the benefits of them all, and revealing the truths behind splits. 


The 'Bro Split'

There really is only one place to start in this debate and that is with the most common split (especially for beginners) it has been famously labelled the ‘Bro Split’ all over social media and consists typically of the following:

•    Chest Day

•    Back Day
•    Shoulders Day
•    Leg Day
•    Arms Day 

So the main benefit of this split is that you get a whole training session to concentrate on one muscle. This allows you to fully concentrate on and exhaust that one muscle ensuring that you adequately break down the muscle fibres and therefore cause muscle growth. It is also quite an enjoyable split, as every day mentally the task looks less daunting when you just have to work one body part and not multiple.

However, there are probably more drawbacks then there are positives for a natural lifter. The main one being training frequency. Using this split you will only be able to


train each body part once a week and maybe one muscle group you will get to train twice. This isn’t optimal for natural bodybuilders as protein synthesis after a workout (muscle growth) typically stops after 48-72 hours. So after this point if you aren’t training that muscle again, you are missing out potential further growth.



Now people will argue that this isn’t strictly true as for example although you only work shoulders one day, a good chest workout will also involve the shoulders, hence you are working it more than once a week. While this argument has a point, fully training every muscle twice a week would generally be much more beneficial for a natural lifter.

Another potential flaw is in that, the big heavy compound movements really are the