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February 22, 2018

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My Shredding Diet! | Simple Rules to Get Shredded for Summer! | Lose Fat Fast

April 22, 2018


My Cutting Diet that Got Me Shredded...


Now that we are getting the first few little glimpses of summer, the

occasional blue sky, the slight whiff of freshly cut grass, it’s the time of year that everybody starts to think about getting shredded for summer, in search of that beach perfect physique! Everyone then needs Simple Rules to Get Shredded for Summer! No one wants to look silly when they hit the beach do they?...


Well let’s face it none of us can reach perfection but we all must try our hardest to get close to the physique that we want to achieve.


So I thought that I would share with you what a typical shredding day is like for me. This is what I am doing currently as I begin my summer cut and also what I did 2 years ago when I got the physique pictured. This blog will teach you how to lose fat fast whilst enjoying your diet!


Importantly this is all whilst maintaining an enjoyable life and without counting calories!!


First off, here are some generally rules I stick to:


  • No sugary drinks, such as soft drinks or even juice drinks. These

    are known as empty calories and so they skip digestion out so that they are pure calories!

  • Similarly no or very little sugary snacks, like chocolate, ice cream and sweets. So calorically dense that they aren’t worth it unless a cheat day!

  • Eat carbs post-workout- this gives you an insulin spike in the bloodstream which will send the proteins, and carbs straight to the muscles where you want them to be after a tough workout to allow them to grow!

  • Try to eat as many vegetables as possible! Great way to fill out meals with a low calorie high nutrient source.

  • Consume a high Protein Diet - make sure every meal you eat contains a high protein source, protein is difficult for the body to digest and therefore has a high metabolic benefit towards fat loss as the body tries to break down the protein. As it takes longer to digest it will also stave off your appetite for longer.

If you stick to this basic rules with your diet, then you're half the way there! Here though is more specifically the type of meals that I will eat...




I like to keep my carbohydrates low throughout the day and save

them for my meals either side of my workout. For that reason for breakfast I have 2 whole eggs, with 3 egg whites, scrambled and cooked using a low calorie oil spray. I usually season with salt and pepper and serve on top of some baby spinach. This is a great way to start the day with a lot of protein, whilst keeping carbs low and also very low on calories. The baby spinach also gives my body the nutrients and anti-oxidants boost it needs first thing in the morning. I will always have a cup of coffee with this as the caffeine provides a thermo-genic boost, similar to fat burning supplements.


Mid-Morning Snack:


I like to try and hold out until lunch before I eat again, but if I’m particularly hungry I will usually just have a little nibble on some peanuts. Low in carbs, high protein, high fats, to fill you up without giving you that insulin spike that a carbohydrate filled snack would.




This is where I first introduce carbs into my diet for the day, usually low GI like wholemeal bread, sweet potatoes or whole wheat pasta, this is so that I have some carbohydrates in my body to fuel my workout this afternoon. So a typical lunch for me would be whole wheat pasta, with a tin of tuna, with a small amount of light mayonnaise, with sweet corn and red peppers. So I advise meal before a workout like this one contains a good carbohydrate source, high protein, with some fats in there too along with some vegetables or salad.




I always make sure I have a coffee before a workout or a pre-