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The Truth About Abs!!! | How to Get 6 Pack Abs | The Truth About Six Pack Abs

February 22, 2018

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The Truth About Abs!!! | How to Get 6 Pack Abs | The Truth About Six Pack Abs

February 22, 2018



Surely the most desirable thing that people want to achieve from going to the gym is to get a six pack. It’s the stereotypical image we have when we see on the front of magazines, it's what every man (and some women) want which is those 'washboard' six pack abs. Women tend to want more of a toned look to their abs, but this blog post still applies to that goal too!



So the question is... how can you achieve yourself that very image you have in your head of the sexy toned abs that you’ve always wanted? Well the answer might be somewhat surprising... 



When thinking about going to the gym and obtaining that desired six pack

 the first thought that comes into most peoples’ minds is Ab Crunches. There is a good reason for that which is it is an exercise that can isolate and train the rectus abdominis, which is the muscle group over your stomach which form the 'Six Pack'. Most people then get into their head that if they go to the gym, do hundreds of crunches a day like Patrick Bateman does (Christian Bale in American Psycho) they will then in turn get shredded and obtain the abs that they’ve always wanted! Well that isn’t entirely true...



Wait... So Doing Hundreds Of Crunches Isn't The Way To Get Abs?!?!


While doing crunches will work those 'six pack' muscles and will make them grow, the problem is that you can't see those muscles if a layer of fat is covering them up! That layer of fat over your abs has to be very a very thin layer if you want your abs to show through! No matter how big your actual six pack muscles are, if they are covered by a thick layer of stomach fat then they won’t be seen. Simple as that.


In Fact... Everybody has a Six Pack... Every-Body!!




Yes. That's right.., Everybody Has A Six Pack! This is why skinny people no matter how little muscle they have on their body, tend to have a six-pack showing through as there is such little fat hiding those muscles. This is because everybody actually has a six-pack, it’s just that with the majority of people they are covered up by that layer of fat!




The reason then why Christian Bale has a Six Pack in American Psycho is  because first and foremost he has very little fat covering his abdominal muscles. The on top of that he has trained his abs to be as strong and large as possible which makes them look even more impressive and blocky!



Another general myth that affects people's quest of getting abs is they

 believe that by doing loads of ab exercises like crunches you will burn stomach fat. This isn’t exactly true.


Yes... doing crunches will burn calories which can in turn help you to burn fat, but the body does not spot reduce fat i.e your body doesn’t ever take fat from one specific area. It will take it from anywhere in the body. So doing crunches is not going to specifically burn stomach fat anymore than it will burn fat from other parts of the body, your arms, your legs wherever. This is why doing crunches to burn fat is pointless as it is a relatively low impact exercise that will burn minimal calories. If you need to burn fat and want to do a workout that burns calories, you should be doing high intense cardio, or weight training doing compound movements. But crunches are a waste of time if your body fat levels are not yet low enough. The best way to reduce body levels though tends to be with diet, check out my blog post on the topic.


Low Body Fat Levels Are Key...


So the first priority when trying to get a washboard six-pack, is that you