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February 22, 2018

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Top 10 Low Calorie Snacks for Fat Loss | Easy Way to Lose Fat | Weight Loss

October 3, 2017


For me the hardest part about dieting is when the hunger creeps in, in between meals and all you want to do is snack! You are just craving going to the fridge and snacking on whatever you can until the hunger disappears. I know that most other people struggle with this too. So what then are some low-calorie snacking alternatives that can fill you up and fight off the hunger, helping you to burn fat insanely fast!

•    Carrots- For me this is my favourite snack when I’m cutting, that’s because I’m

 lucky in that sense because I actually love the taste of raw carrots! So if you do enjoy raw carrots I fully recommend stocking up on them, as they are so easy to eat raw and contain very few calories whilst also containing vitamins and minerals, a win-win situation for anyone looking to lose fat! 


•    Celery- Similarly not every likes the taste of celery but I am one of the lucky ones that do! That’s because they contain next to no calories at all, whilst once again providing the body with vitamins and minerals. A great snack to stock up on and keep in the fridge for when those late night hunger pains kick in!


•    Egg Whites- This is particularly useful for helping you hit your protein targets for the day too, as egg whites are very high in protein whilst being very low in carbohydrates and fats. This makes them relatively low in calories. So try as a snack making yourself an egg white omelette, throw in some onions and peppers and you’ve got yourself a tasty, high protein, filling snack. Perfect for any calorie constricting diet!

    Salad- Making yourself a salad can be a great way to fill you up, whilst giving yourself the crunchy, tasty satisfaction that a salad can provide. Just make sure you stay clear from any high calorie dressings!

•    Fruit- In general most fruit are low in calories, especially apples, strawberries, pears. I would just say stay away from dates, as they are deceptively high in calories, whilst being very easy to eat large quantities!.

•    Diet Soft Drinks- These low calorie diet beverages, really can be a saviour whilst cutting. Not only does the carbonated nature of them bloat you, leaving you feeling full, but the sweetness also satisfies those taste buds. If you are worried about your intake of artificial sweeteners though, then this may be not for you. 


•    Coffee/ Tea- As long as consumed with reduced fat milk, coffee and tea are a perfect drink to satisfy your cravings for flavour. Coffee in particular has appetite suppressing qualities too, as well as the caffeine being goof at raising your metabolism. Just make sure you try to stay clear of adding sugar or cream, maybe switch to using sweeteners instead. 

•    Lean Meats- nibbling on a lean meat (e.g chicken breast) is great as it is low in carbohydrates and fats, whilst being high in protein and relatively low in calories. Once again this can help in reaching your protein targets. If it tastes a bit plain on its own, then adding some hot sauce can be a great low calorie addition.

•    Green Vegetables- Although flavour wise, these vegetables such as, broccoli and spinach, may not be the sexiest of all snacks, they are however the healthiest. High in fibre, vitamins and minerals, whilst being super-low in calories they are a great snack, but maybe not the tastiest! But you can always add salt, pepper, and some hot sauce to make them taste bearable! E.g. Sauteed baby spinach with garlic- This a great quick little snack you can make, that helps you get in the green vegetables just mentioned whilst adding some flavour! So you want to saute baby spinach, using low calorie oil spray, and then add garlic and maybe red onions. Cook for around 5 minutes and then to finish off add some diced ham and some salt and pepper to taste. 


•    Whey Protein Shakes - Whey Protein shakes are a great way to fill yourself up whilst consuming very few carbs and fats. This is because the vast majority of calories in a shake come from protein, so it is also great for helping you hit your protein intake. High protein intake is also highly beneficial for fat loss as it requires a greater number of calories to digest then other macro nutrients. It is also very flexible with regards to baking and you can make things like protein pancakes which too can be incredibly low in calories. So if you don't already you might want to head to MyProtein and get yourself some protein!



There we are then, those are my favourite snacks to have when I’m cutting and restricting calories. Have I missed any great ideas out? Let us know in the comments below so that I and others can give them a try! Hopefully my suggestions can help you enjoy and embrace dieting and get closer to achieving your fitness goals!


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