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February 22, 2018

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How to Stay Lean and Build Muscle This Christmas! | How to Build Muscle and Enjoy Festivities

December 9, 2017


The Festive Season Is HERE! And following on from my other Blog post on How To Stay Skinny This

Christmas, I thought I'd make another similar blog for those of us looking to build muscle this Christmas without putting on too much fat in How to Stay Lean and Build Muscle This Christmas...




Christmas is of course a time to enjoy with family and friends and that includes eating and drinking more calories than would usually be consumed! This doesn't mean though that making gains and making progress towards your goals isn't possible though! Here then in this blog I will discuss how I advise you manipulate this period to your advantage so that you  don't put on too much excess fat and don't spoil all the hard work throughout the year!




1) Use the Extra Calories To Bulk and Train Hard!! My first thought about


this topic is quite simple that if you know you are going to be consuming a lot of calories over this period, then use those calories to build more muscle! We all know that the body builds muscle more efficiently when it is in a caloric surplus and so with Christmas you know you'll be filling your body with plenty of calories.


So I say keep training hard, use a training plan that focuses on the big heavy compound movements (Squats, Bench Press, Deadlifts, Pull Ups etc.) and make some serious gains during the period! It makes no sense to me at all to try and diet (cut) during this period of time as it will just be too difficult if you want to enjoy this time of year and you'll end up meeting somewhere in the middle and making no progress. So with your training definitely focus on muscle growth (bulking) During this period!


2) Deplete, Deplete, Deplete.. One of the tools I like to use throughout the year really whenever I know a big cheat day (or few days) is coming up and that is using depletion. This means either before, after or either side of a food binge, you deplete your body of it's natural stores of glycogen. Put simply you consume fewer carbs and fats so that you are eating in a caloric deficit. This will help to negate the effects of the additional calories you consume via food and drink, thus limiting any fat storage. Simple really, eat less on the days around your cheat day and it will help to balance it out the extra calories! Something that as I say I use all year round if I know there's an event coming up where I will be consuming far too many calories!


3) Cardio! Another way that you can balance out the additional calories is by

 adding in some cardio into your training plan. Cardio of course increases the heart rate thus increasing energy expenditure and burns calories. By adding this in then you may well be ale to burn off the additional calories that you'll be consuming. This will be difficult to do purely by cardio but you will at least be decreasing your caloric surplus no matter what,