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February 22, 2018

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Who Are We? | What's Our Goal? | An Introduction to Evolve Muscle

July 21, 2017


We are Evolve Muscle, a Fitness Lifestyle Brand that wants to help you reach your fitness and personal goals in life so that you can obtain happiness and ultimately Achieve Greatness.


This blog post is following on and expanding on our first YouTube post which we posted this week, as much of the video was performed in a natural manner between the two of us, we think we may have missed out a few key points on what we really are!

 The brand then is built around the two of us myself, Tom (Left on banner) and Drew (Right on banner). Two individuals with a passion for fitness and achieving the best that we can in our lives. We are the founders of Evolve Muscle and we saw a gap in the market.


Obviously from the passion we have, means we both pay massive attention to the fitness world on YouTube, Instagram and Blogs etc. and from what we could see, the overwhelming majority of those with great physiques, the people that most newbies to the gym look up to, all they do is preach about counting macros, weighing food, sticking to certain repetitions and sets all that tedious boring stuff. Everything seemed so strict and



We then never adopted that approach... And yet we got into this shape...



Now this is in now way shape or form us showing off! This is just us stating facts so that hopefully you can learn and benefit from how we did it.


Don’t get me wrong we understand that counting macros etc. is technically the best way to do things, but we thought we could achieve just as good results by doing things our own way, and so we saw a different way. We are still of course careful over what we eat and make sure that we eat the right foods and train in the right way. But we have never counted calories, never tracked macros and yet we have achieved the physiques that we have always wanted. And so, we kind of had the epiphany that ‘maybe there is another way’ and that way is the Evolve Muscle philosophy behind fitness.


We still have a great time going out with friends, still have the occasional ‘junk food’ meal, but we just maintain a good diet the rest of the time. That’s because the consistency is key. The odd night out, and cheat meal won’t affect your results if the rest of the time your diet is consistently good, in the same way that one good meal a week won’t help a fat person lose weight. This is a concept that will be discussed in depth in later blogs.


So we still maintain a fun and exciting lifestyle, whilst having the physiques that we want. It is this approach that we wanted to share with the world, as we know that it can benefit so many people! Millions of people start diets and fitness regimes and give up within weeks. Why do they give up? Because they don’t enjoy it! Well our philosophy is a way of achieving the results whilst still enjoying your life as this is the only way that it will become a habit that you keep for the rest of your life and therefore maintain fit and healthy for the rest of your life.


Our mission then is to inform others of our approach so they can achieve the same results we have, whilst maintaining a great lifestyle! To do this we are providing everything that you need from informative blogs, to training plans, motivational pictures, nutritional guides also have an ever-expanding range of our Apparel clothing, we are Evolve Muscle, all you need for your journey towards Achieving Greatness, in fitness and in life.


So there will be much more content coming soon from us via our YouTube, Instagram, Training plans and future Blog Posts explaining in more detail our ideas when it comes to fitness, so be sure to follow and subscribe!


I think it’d be apt to sum us up with the following statement, ‘If you want something in life, go get it’. Everyone should have dreams and goals but most are just too scared to take the first steps. We are here to tell you to take that first step, to take that leap of faith and most importantly to assist you on your journey to… Achieve Greatness…